The Cheapest and Tastiest Burger in the World!

The Cheapest and Tastiest Burger in the World!

This is in Kharader, one of the oldest parts of Karachi where I grew up – and so did the founder of Pakistan (M Ali Jinah). At PKR16.00 (USD0.20) this is surely one of the cheapest burgers in the world. A lot of people in my family and friends, including me, believe this may also be the tastiest burger in the world.

The patty is made of potato and vegetables, then dipped in battered egg and pan fried in vegetable oil. It’s then put in a traditional bread with sauces made of yogurt and mint, and lots of onions. Mostly healthy stuff except for the oil, but not the most hygienic in the world :)

I have seen this stall sell exactly the same burger since I was five (1970). As kids, we used to buy from the old man who died a few years ago, but his son has taken the family business to another level by taking up a small room behind the stall which can seat up to 10 people. He sells an estimated 2000 burgers a day!

Find out more about Mush Panjwani at his website: or his blog:

Baked Spaghetti and Mozzarella Recipe – Everyday Food with Sarah Carey

Baked Spaghetti and Mozzarella Recipe – Everyday Food with Sarah Carey

For a quick and easy version of the classic pasta dinner, this Baked Spaghetti and Mozzarella dish is made with fresh mozzarella, canned tomatoes, and aromatic basil, perfect for a weeknight meal in under 30 minutes.

Recipe –

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Sarah Carey is the editor of Everyday Food magazine and her job is to come up with the best ways to make fast, delicious food at home. But she’s also a mom to two hungry kids, so the question “What’s for dinner?” is never far from her mind — or theirs, it seems! Her days can get crazy busy (whose don’t?), so these videos are all about her favorite fast, fresh meals — and the tricks she uses to make it all SO much easier.

Baked Spaghetti and Mozzarella Recipe – Everyday Food with Sarah Carey

Eating delicious Malaysian Chinese Food at Tek Sen Restaurant in Georgetown – Penang, Malaysia

Eating delicious Malaysian Chinese Food at Tek Sen Restaurant in Georgetown – Penang, Malaysia

To satisfy our most recent cravings, we headed over to a popular local Malaysian Chinese restaurant (Tek Sen) to sample crispy chicken saturated in plum sauce, mapo tofu, Chinese fried rice and lime juice for lunch in George Town, Penang, Malaysia.

Tek Sen, is a restaurant I’ve been wanting to try for several years. When I was in George Town, back in 2011, I tried searching for the restaurant on foot without any success. Luckily this time around, with a little help from Trip Advisor maps and an updated Lonely Planet guide, we were able to spot this gem of an eatery that is massively popular with locals.

On the menu, which was rather extensive, specialty dishes were highlighted with a little star next to them. One of the dishes most highly recommended in reviews, and with a star in the menu, was the crispy chicken with plum sauce. Another one of my personal favorite Chinese dishes (and one Audrey had yet to sample) was Mapo Tofu, considered one of the house specialties as well. We needed rice or noodles to go with these two dishes so we selected Chinese style fried rice. Given that it was such a hot and humid day (honestly, when is it ever not in George Town) we also ordered some refreshing lime juice drinks to help was down our meal.

When our dishes finally arrived I was a little bit surprised that the portions weren’t larger. I’ve come to expect *big sized* dishes from my previous experiences eating Chinese food in Canada and abroad; however, what was lacking in size was certainly recovered in terms of quality. First we tried the Mapo Tofu (a Chinese dish from Sichuan region with a tofu base situated in a bean based sauce garnished with chili) and it compared favorably to other times I’ve tried it elsewhere. Next up was the crispy chicken drowning in plum sauce. I have to admit, this was by far my favorite (also Audrey’s favorite). The chicken strips just melted in our mouths and the sweet plum sauce with a hint of chili really added an explosion of flavor. The fried rice, although quite standard, was a nice compliment to our two main dishes. The lime juice, served in a generous sized mug, really helped keep us cool during the meal.

Audrey, who isn’t a huge fan of Chinese cuisine, found the meal delicious which is a ringing endorsement to the overall quality of the food.

Overall, the meal was fantastic (and considering I’m on a diet) the portion sizes were just right. We left feeling satisfied but not stuffed. For those interested in visiting this restaurant it’s just off of Chulia street nearby the Chinatown district of George Town.

The meal was an affordable 33 Ringgits (roughly USD) which we thought was great value for three dishes, two drinks and a water. This restaurant ranks as one of favorites in Penang and we highly recommend you check it out for yourself:

Untuk memenuhi keinginan terbaru kami, kami menuju ke sebuah restoran Cina tempatan Malaysia popular (Tek Sen) untuk mencuba ayam rangup tepu dalam sos plum, Mapo tauhu, nasi goreng Cina dan jus limau untuk makan tengah hari di George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.

Tek Sen, adalah sebuah restoran Saya telah mahu untuk mencuba selama beberapa tahun. Apabila saya berada di George Town, kembali pada tahun 2011, saya cuba mencari restoran di kaki tanpa apa-apa kejayaan. Nasib baik kali ini, dengan sedikit bantuan dari peta Penasihat lawatan dan panduan Lonely Planet dikemas kini, kita dapat melihat permata ini mengenai sebuah premis makanan yang secara besar-besaran popular dengan penduduk tempatan.

Pada menu, yang agak luas, hidangan istimewa telah diketengahkan dengan bintang kecil di sebelah mereka. Salah satu hidangan yang paling sangat disyorkan dalam ulasan, dan dengan bintang dalam menu, adalah ayam rangup dengan sos plum. Satu lagi salah satu hidangan kegemaran peribadi saya Cina (dan satu Audrey belum sampel) Mapo Tauhu, yang dianggap sebagai salah satu keistimewaan rumah juga. Kami memerlukan nasi atau mi untuk pergi dengan kedua-dua hidangan supaya kita dipilih gaya Cina nasi goreng. Memandangkan ia adalah seperti hari yang panas dan lembap (jujur, bilakah ia pernah tidak di George Town), kita juga mengarahkan beberapa minuman jus menyegarkan limau untuk membantu turun makan kita.

This is part of our Travel in Malaysia series. We’re making a series of videos showcasing Malaysian culture, Malaysian arts, Malaysian foods, Malaysian religion and Malaysian people.

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All photos and video taken by Samuel Jeffery (Nomadic Samuel) and Audrey Bergner (That Backpacker).

This video features the song ‘Electrodoodle’ from Kevin Macleod available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Commercial license.

How to start better with your nutrition with Madeleine Shaw | Get The Gloss

How to start better with your nutrition with Madeleine Shaw | Get The Gloss

Food writer and blogger Madeleine Shaw tells how we can improve our nutrition in honour of Clinique’s inspirational #StartBetter campaign. Read below for more information on how you can get involved and make better decision about your body, mind and nutrition…


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Iconic beauty brand Clinique has launched the world’s first “great skin lab” pop-up store, which will be based in the buzzing heart of Covent Garden.

The 700 square foot retail space is revolutionising the procedure of purchasing skincare by allowing you to get a first-hand experience of a day in the life of your skin.

To do this, you’ll go through an interactive experience that will stimulate your senses through digital experience pods, receive personalised skin consultations with a their incredibly skincare experts and received a complimentary sample of their custom-fit moisturiser (which comes in various forms suited to different skin types).

The space will also retail hero products from Will retail hero products from their iconic skin care offering, including their popular 3-step cleansing system and new Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush.

In honour of their inspirational campaign, food writer and blogger Madeleine Shaw sat down to talk us through how we can #StartBetter with our nutrition choices.

How can you start better when it comes to your skincare, nutrition, body and mind? Tweet @CliniqueUK_PR or Instagram your images to @CliniqueUK with #GreatSkinLab and #StartBetter now!

The Most Disgustingly Delicious Fast Food!

The Most Disgustingly Delicious Fast Food!

Let’s check out the grossest but most delicious looking bad good fast food you can currently buy!

Our Sources:
Zinger Double Down King –
Double Loaded Omelet Biscuit –
Corn and Philly Sandwich –
Metti Crust Pizza –

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