Official Cutler Nutrition Launch In Athens!

Official Cutler Nutrition Launch In Athens!

Jay Cutler at the Official Cutler Nutrition launch in Athens, Greece by the Bodybuilding Club supplement stores. Click here for more photos & videos from the event:
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7 Delicious Pizza Hacks

7 Delicious Pizza Hacks

Are you ready to become an Ultra Pizza Boss?

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Bigfoot vs. Leadfoot
Warner/Chappell Production Music

The Pizza Review by Minerva Pizza House

Minerva Pizza House

No sign by The Unicode Standard

DSC_9053 by David Owen


carrot nom by j1987

Pop! by oldedgar

Chomping by scottemoil

pizza by Nighteller

Sizzle(loop) by EverHeat

Fire by Adam_N

Function Beep by JustinBW



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Programme JamCore Pour Maigrir: Nutrition Regime

Programme JamCore Pour Maigrir: Nutrition Regime

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Go! Francis! Delicious Japanese Bread #1 | Cooking with Dog

Go! Francis! Delicious Japanese Bread #1 | Cooking with Dog

The Japanese food culture “Delicious Japanese bread” The first episode
Francis, the emcee of Cooking with Dog leaves the kitchen to start an adventure to introduce the Japanese food culture. For the theme of this episode “Japanese also love their bread!”, Francis visits Shimokitazawa for the first time to search for delicious Japanese bread. Can Francis find a bakery with delicious bread without any trouble? Good luck! Francis!

Cooking with Dogの司会:フランシスが、キッチンを飛び出し『日本の食文化』を紹介する冒険に出ました。今回は『日本人だってパンが好き!』をテーマに、フランシスが、日本のおいしいパンを探して、初めて下北沢にやって来ました。無事、おいしいパン屋さんにたどり着けるかな?頑張れ!フランシス!

Starring Francis and Chef
Narrator / Translation Cyrus Nozomu Sethna
Production Collaborators Angelica/Boulangerie Shima/Petit Monde
Shimokitazawa South Exit Shopping Street
Illustrations Joanna Zhou
Graphics Nahoko Hara
Puppet Maker Bonzo Mama
MA Yasuo Kosuge(CROSSCO)
Director Sanae Kikuchi
Producer Hanami Oka

in cooperation with Tastemade
Production FOODIES TV

Quinoa History and Nutrition – Superfoods

Quinoa History and Nutrition – Superfoods

Quinoa has been around for millennia. The Inca called quinoa chisaya mama, or “mother grain.” Not only was it a vital source of nutrients for the Inca people, it was used in religious ceremonies. When the Spanish came to the new world, they believed the simple grain was a false idol, and burned quinoa fields far and wide. Luckily for us, they couldn’t wipe it out entirely.

Quinoa has been so important throughout history that the United Nations has declared 2013 the International Year of Quinoa. We’re just helping you get a head start.


This weekly show spotlights super healthy foods and shows viewers how to incorporate them into their everyday diets. Get the skinny on everything from kale to pomegranates, learn delicious and easy recipes, and pick up tricks on how to add these super foods into the dishes you already love.

Kale Chips – Recipe [Delicious Food Adventures]

Kale Chips – Recipe [Delicious Food Adventures]

Kale – a true power food that can easily be turned into tasty kale chips!


1 bunch of kale (stems removed)
2T. olive oil or coconut oil
1/4t. salt
pepper, smoked paprika, chili powder (as desired)

Tear kale into larger pieces because chips tend to shrink in the oven,
Keep an eye on the chips in the oven, they can burn quickly! (oven temp 300F)

Kale facts:

“Music courtesy of Audio Network”

Dead Milkmen – Nutrition

Dead Milkmen – Nutrition

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Dead Milkmen -Nutrition
Big Lizard in my Backyard (1985)

Now my life is easy
My life ain’t hard
I’m gonna spend all day
In my fuckin’ backyard
I ain’t got no money
Hell, I don’t care
My parents let me use their credit card

I’ve got nowhere to go
Just hang out on the street
My folks say I’ve got no ambition
At least I give a shit
About the stuff I eat
Yeah! I care about nutrition

Tried to get a job
At the retail store
But I could not stand the competition
Now I spend all my time
Hangin’ out at the shore
Givin’ myself a skin condition

I’ve got nowhere to go
Just movin’ on my feet
People say I’ve got no ambition
At least I give a shit
About the stuff I eat
Yeah! I care about nutrition

Sometimes I get upset
When I see on the TV
All them people in this world
That is starvin’
But there’s nothin’ in this world
That could possibly bother me
When I smell the turkey Dad is carvin’

Boy I’m starving
Christ I’m starving!

My folks said
I gotta get myself a job
Cause they ain’t gonna support me
Well, if all I am to them
Is just some lazy slob
Why didn’t they abort me?

I guess I’ll just hang out
On Broad and South
Livin’ by my intuition
At least I give a shit
What I put into my mouth
Yeah! I care about nutrition

It’s good for me
I’ve got vitamin see
I care
I care
I care
I give a healthy shit
And Mom and Dad say if I eat all of my food
I can go to the hard core show and see F.O.D