Butchers Taste Test Vegan Food

Butchers Taste Test Vegan Food

“That is NOT chocolate!”

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Behind the video :
Meat lovers, Brian and Dave, from The Dublin Meat Company, kindly taste tested some delicious vegan foods from Happy Food vegan restaurant in Dublin. They samples lots of alternatives to regular favourite meat filled foods and gave us their honest opinions. (Note: The chocolate bar wasn’t sourced from Happy Food)

Credits :
Produced by Creative Nation
Music licensed from AudioMicro

The Dublin Meat Company


Happy Food @ The Yoga Hub


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FIT Weekend 2016 – Wywiad Tomasza Lecha z Mariuszem Bałazińskim[TREC NUTRITION]

FIT Weekend 2016 – Wywiad Tomasza Lecha z Mariuszem Bałazińskim[TREC NUTRITION]

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Feast – eat delicious food and drink in Great Yarmouth

Feast – eat delicious food and drink in Great Yarmouth

It’s a strange fact that sea air always seems to make you feel hungry, and in Greater Yarmouth you’re never more than 9 miles away from the coast, surely the perfect excuse to eat, drink and be merry … http://www.great-yarmouth.co.uk

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Featured in this short film: Trafalgar Road B&B proprietors and friends, food and drink from Café Cru at The Imperial, The Seafood Restaurant, Quayside Plaza, Fish ‘n’ Grill, HMS Hinchinbrook, Sara’s tearooms and Kirsty’s Cakery.

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Top 10 Most Expensive Foods in the World

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#10 Bombay Brassiere’s Sumandri Khazana Curry
#9 Domencio Crolla’s Pizza Royale 007
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#6 Densuke Black Watermelon
#5 Yubari King Melons
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#3 The Frrrozen Haute Chocolate
#2 Italian White Alba Truffle
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Kale History & Nutrition – Superfoods


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Herbalife Nutrition – #FuelYourDream

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